10 March 2014

We Trusted in the Lord

Last week I talked about trusting in the Lord. Well, this week I want to talk about what happens when you trust in the Lord. Buckets of blessings!

Honestly, I haven´t written a lot about our investigators we are working with because there haven´t been any that are progressing, sadly. It has been rough to constantly try to visit the same people and have the same results... they´re not home, they haven´t read or prayed, they didn´t come to church. People that we really love, weren´t accepting what we were teaching. Last Sunday, we decided to fast specifically to be able to be guided by the spirit to find these new people that we know the Lord has prepared for us. We prayed and listened more sincerely than ever. It was all we could do. We could only TRUST that the Lord would guide us. We really had no other options. In reality, we were desperate. I wish we didn´t wait to be desperate to trust in the Lord, because the little miracles we saw this week were amazing. 

Remember Dora and Vicki? They got baptized in Lima and return from their travel this week, but her son, Oscar has been in Cusco all this time. We got a few signs that we should go visit him. So, that we did! We visited him twice last week and had amazing lessons. He is extremely interested in the church. He is a little lost... when we asked if he believes in God, he said, "well I believe in you, and you, and you, and I believe in myself".. he prays to the energy of the universe and says, "it works". He started reading the Book of Mormon and really liked it. I know that he will find true happiness through this gospel. His doubts and confusion about religion will be answered through prayer and through the scriptures. 

As we visited a less active, Maribel, we have been working with, we found her brother, Daniel, who we didn´t know was a member. He straight up told us that he inactivated  himself, but he said "I think this Sunday would be a good day to come back". Of course we agreed and told him we would see him Sunday! He came! He said he wants to start at square 1 with everything and just relearn it all. After church we saw him go to the bishop, with his wallet and said,"Bishop, I haven´t paid my tithing in over a year... how much do I owe". We watched the bishop smile and push his wallet away. Haha. He is going through this change of heart. He truly wants to follow Christ and get his life back on track. 

We also recieved a great reference from a member. A man named Raul. He is super interested in the church and also wants to get his life back on track. 

Other great things happened that I don´t have time for right now, but honestly, I felt the spirit guiding me more than ever this week. As I truly opened my heart to the Lord and His will for us, I was guided to people that truly were ready for us. It´s amazing what happens when you trust in the Lord.

I love you all so much!! I pray for you everyday!


Hermana Nelson

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