04 March 2014

3/3 Pictures

Fluffy Dog and our amigos in the stree.
A lady from our ward... Flor de Maria. She is a little bit like really crazy, but she loves missionary work and helps us a ton! 
I ran into my convert from Sicuani yesterday!! Oh my gosh. Remember the kid that we would randomly run into in the street in Sicuani? That´s how we first met him, how we found him after he went MIA after a month, and once again here in CUSCO! Crazy. It was so fun to see him! I just screamed and gave him a big hug... whoops.
We have a senior missionary couple in our mission. They invited us over for dinner... Who knew roast beef, broccoli, and mashed potatoes could taste SOOOO good. Oh the little things.
One time, my companion lied that her birthday was last Saturday. Well, told everyone she was just kidding, but apparently one Elder didn´t catch wind that it was a joke... he told our District Leader, who called the Zone Leaders... and next thing we know there´s a giant cake at our district meeting with her name on it. The Zone Leaders knew that it actually wasn´t her birthday, but they decided to give her justice for lying about her birthday and let then buy a cake. Oh my gosh it was SO funny. It´s a tradition to smash their face in the cake. We made sure we smashed it extra hard :) haha

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