30 August 2013

Day Uno.

Mom, Dad... please forward this to rest of fam. I didn´t have time to put everyone´s email in!
¡Hola Familia!
I am here! I made it safe and sound to Peru! Everything went really well yesterday and last night. On the plane I sat next to a family from New York, but the Mom is from Peru. Their 8 year old boy was just chatting it up next to me. He kept asking me why I wasn´t watching any movies. I just told him that I had a lot of reading to do! Pretty true. His sister was 13. She was really fun to talk to. They have never heard of mormons. She asked if we were like that show, ´´18 and counting´´... I wasn´t really sure haha. But we talked about the church for quite a while because she asked so many questions! It was great preparation for me. I told her to look out for the missionaries in Lima!
We got in at 10:45, but had to go through customs, and an hour bus ride to the MTC. Everyone was asleep when we got here so we had to be quiet! I felt bad because I guess a few people (or everyone) is sick because of food that wasn´t prepared properly. Just a fluke accident though... they said there are usually no problems. Ha... ha. So we just went straight to bed, around 1:30am. Thankfully they let us sleep until 9 this morning! What kind souls.
So no one really speaks english here. Only a few of the leaders, or people running the show... not really sure who they are... but they speak english and they have directed us this morning with getting name tags, books, exchanging money, etc. Everyone else besides the people that came from America... no ingles. And I mean NADA. So that is just pretty funny. I´m just laughing through the confusion. Thank goodness one girl from Utah basically speaks fluently, because when we got here last night, no one spoke english and we would have been SO lost without her translating.
The MTC seems really nice! I haven´t seen anything outside it yet, besides what we saw driving at midnight last night. It seems beautiful through the windows though! It has all been quite the blur. I haven´t really had a chance to even think about how I feel about everything. It hasn´t quite set in that I am a missionary. Really, it just feels like I am at some extended EFY. Most the people here are younger than me. It´s weird. Hence the reason it feels like EFY... most the kids here probably went to EFY just last year. Haha.
They only gave us 10 minutes to write, so I have to go now, but I love you all and wanted you to know that I am happy, healthy (besides the sniffling and coughing Hailey gave me! I still love you), and safe. I am so excited for the experiences that await me here in Peru. I am already in love with this place and I haven´t even seen it yet. I love you so much!
Con Amor,
Hermana Nelson