29 December 2014

Happy New Year!

It was so fun to talk you all on Christmas! Thanks for working with me to make that happen! I am so lucky to have such an amazing family! 

THis week was awesome. Ruth and Gustavo got married! on the 10th of January Ruth will get baptized. She is an amazing mom and has sincere desires to repent and be baptized. SHe is so excited to go to the temple and wants her two boys to go on missions. I love her so much! I am excited to see her progress. Her husband was less active but now is coming back to church. We are seeing their family be healed and more united through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love being a missionary!

The last picture is us acting like their teenage son Guen, on the right, who has such a sassy attitude and hates pictures. After so many pictures that night, we decided to take this one in honor of him. haha. 

Love you all and hope you have a happy and safe New Year!


Hermana Nelson

22 December 2014

El es la Dadiva

He is the gift. 

Just want to share my simple testimony with you all in honor of Christmas this week and in honor of Grandma Peck.

I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. My testimony and faith in Him have grown tremendously this past year. I feel closer to Him because I have come to understand how essencial He is in my life. Because Christ was born, I can overcome my own imperfections and be freed from feelings of sorrow and pain. Because He was born, I know that we will all live again. I know that we will all be resurected and if we prove to be faithful to Him and repent in this life, we will enter into His presence. Because Christ was born, lived, and died for us, I know that I will be reunited with my family after this life. I know that Grandma Peck is at peace and now rejoicing with Grandpa Peck. I know that I will be reunited with her again. She was a true example of enduring to the end... staying firm in her faith in Jesus Christ. I am grateful for her valient and humble example. All these things were made possible because Jesus Christ was born. I can´t think of a greater, more important and wonderful gift than the one our loving Heavenly Father gave to each of us... His son, Jesus Christ. It´s a gift that will never fade away and one we can remember and celebrate everyday. I know that Christ lives and loves us. He invites us to come unto Him... with arms of mercy extended out towards us. Discover the gift. Accept the gift. Share the gift.

Feliz Navidad!


Hermana Nelson

01 December 2014

Come What May And Love It

I decided this is my new theme for every transfer. For anyone that`s served a mission, you know how incredible stressful it is the week before transfers... just anticipating your changes and then opening your email to see what the Lord has in store for you. It`s always a fun experience, I`d say. Well I recieved the news that I`ll be going to Cusco, the Inti Raymi ward ("party of the sun" in Quechwa) to serve as a Sister Training Leader. I`m really grateful for the opportunity to serve in a new calling and learn and grow more! 

Serving in Puerto has been an such a spiritually trying and strengthening experience. I have learned so much about trusting in the Lord and having faith. The Lord has blessed me so much with people to teach here. We found families to teach that are truly prepared to here the gospel. The Lord is changing their hearts. I have seen that in my time here. Here`s just a few of the families I`ve seen be changed through the gospel while I`ve been in Puerto...

Paddy and Emerson. A family that was supposedly "going downhill". Paddy was losing all hope to be happy ever again. Through reading the Book of Mormon with them frequently as a family, I have seen their hearts change. Emerson has changed his perspective of the Preisthood power he posseses and his responsabilities as a return missionaries. Their faith has grown! Paddy now wants to be sealed in the temple with her family. 

Jhasmina and Yersin. Ah so many incredible changes I`ve seen in them. Yersin decided to stop drinking to improve his life and relationship with his family. They were married because "it is a commandment of God" and was baptized. Even in the challenges they`ve had after baptism, I have seen them truly persever, excercise repentance through the atonement and learn for themselves strength that comes from obedience. Yersin is preparing to recieve the higher Preisthood and they are both preparing to be sealed in the temple.

Vianeth and Jonathan. A family we contacted in the park... THEY are prepared. They were ready to accept more fully Jesus Christ in their lives. I have seen the Holy Ghost work in their hearts to help them understand the gospel of Jesus Christ and apply it. Yesterday they came to District conference and were able to meet President Harbertson. It was the first time he came to church in a white shirt and tie! They are going to be married and baptized on December 20th.

Alma 26:12 "Yo sè que nada soy; en cuanto a mi fuerza, soy debil; por tanto, no me jactarè de mì mismo, sino que me gloriarè in mi Dios, porque con su fuerza puedo hacer todas las cosas..." These are not my "successes". These are the successes of these families... they themselves have accepted Jesus Christ in their lives and have found true joy and hope through His Gospel. I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to be a part of their lives and learn from them. My own faith has been strengthened. I love these people and so many of the other people I have worked with here! It will be hard to leave, but I have 100% trust in my companion Hermana McMahon. She is an amazing missionary... super obedient and has true desires to serve. I love her for that. We had way too much fun together... We`re just both really goofy haha. But we also grew a lot and learned a lot together. Now, on to the next chapter! Come what may and love it!

I love you all and am praying for you tons! 

Hermana Nelson