24 March 2014

Here Comes the BOOM!


This week was wonderful as always, because being a missionary is the most wonderful thing in the world! We had a few sad things and a few great joys this week. 

We visited the Ore family this week (see picture)... ah I about died. The Mom is active and all the kids... they are the best! The Dad is a little bit harder. We have made incredible progress with him these past two transfers. He has been coming to church and even wants to go to the temple with his family this year. Well, all that dramatically changed last week. Something small happened with a member in the ward, and all of a sudden he told us he doesn`t want to come back to church. Granted, what happened shouldn`t have happened, but he reacted very strongly to the situation. Because of a small offense by another member he decided he doesn`t want to come back... nor go to the temple. He basically just threw everything out the window! I can see the pain it causes his wife and family. It KILLS me. Hermana Thompson and I tried to tell him everything the spirit was telling us to say... we tried to help him understand that people aren`t perfect and that we don`t go to church for them. He was very kind, but wasn`t taking any of it. You know that feeling when someone breaks up with you? And they tell you you´ll still see each other around and you´ll still be friends?... That`s exactly how it went. We got dumped. But there is no way we are going to stop visiting him. I know that the Lord has his own timing for Hermano Ore. Something will change one day. I don`t know what or when that will be, but I have great faith that that family will go to the temple one day. I love them WAY too much to let this family go. 

Since we live in Cusco, we get lots of tourists coming to our ward. They are usually very white and speak no spanish... which means we get to talk to them! At first it was really fun talking to white people... and then it just got more and more uncomfortable. I don`t know what it is, but it feels so incredibly awkward to talk to a white person who`s not a missionary. I like to call this "Awkward White People Conversations". Elder Standifird`s parents came to pick him up from his mission this week and we had lunch with them. It was SO uncomfortable! I can`t talk to normal white people!! Needless to say, I have come to 2 conclusions: 1) I am really awkward and 2) I may never come home because that sounds like the most uncomfortable situation EVER. Way too many white people.

Alright, here comes the BOOM!... We found out our changes this morning. I was SO stressed this last few days... we all were. The anticipation for changes are the WORST! Today we were yet again, SHOCKED! First, Elder Doza (Zone leader) is going to be a ZL in Puno. Next, I found out I am going to be training in this same sector!! AH! scary! Hermana Thompson is going to be a Sister Leader in another sector far away. And Elder Albert (other Zone Leader) is going to be an assistant!! haha everyone but me is leaving this ward. I kind am going to die a little bit. But, my District Leader from Sicuani, Elder Lehman and another awesome Elder are coming to be the Zone leaders and open the sector here with me. It´s all so crazy! We all screamed a little bit. I am excited, nervous, scared, freaked out, and somewhat calm... I know that this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing here. I don`t feel at all adequate for this calling, but I know I will learn a ton. I will find out who I am training on Wednesday. Woohoo! Prayers accepted :) 

Love you all so much! Hailey, I´m glad to see your hair is growing enough to have pigtails! I am also working on that. Chloe you are more adorable than ever! Love you girls. And family love you all so much! Look forward to a package from me soon! :) 


Hermana Nelson 

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