10 March 2014

3/10 Pictures

My favorite little boy in the ward, Lehi. He is perfect!
 Carnival. This Sunday and last sunday, was a fun little holiday called Carnival! Oh my. To summarize what this holiday is all about... everyone throws water balloons, buckets of water, and foam spray at... well really anyone! So as you can imagine... we are white, in skirts, blonde, just innocent girls trying to share the word of God with the people of Cusco... naturally, we were the perfect targets. It doen´t help that everyone is drunk and can´t think resonably. Last week was worse, we got balloons launched at us from the top of buildings, foam sprayed from cars, people running after us with buckets of water... It really was just hilarious. Last week we bought our own spray to defend ourselves. This week, we had nothing. And it really wasn´t as bad... until we got home. We were eating in our pension´s house (where the elders live), just enjoying this delicious soup she made. Then all I remember was Elder Albert saying something like "Y'all are great, but sorry...CARNIVAAAAL" and it was all down hill from there. There was foam spray EVERYWHERE in that house! It was ridiculous! Our pensionista and her sons were all into it too! We were dying laughing! Ah, a great way to end the week. hahaha

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  1. I am so happy Hermana Nelson is good about sending pictures! My son, Elder Albert, is not so great about sending pictures, but he is in two of these photos, so I got to see him!
    Sheila Albert