04 March 2014

Trust in the Lord


This week was great!! We were quarentined to our rooms for 2 days basically because there was a strike and riots and all kinds of craziness going on outside for a strike against gas prices. There were NO taxis for two days until the afternoons. It was a little crazy and somewhat really unecessary because I´m pretty sure the gas prices haven´t changed. So good job team, your strike did absolutely nothing. Now we all know you´re all crazies.
I read a great talk this week called "Trust in the Lord". I was overwhelmed with emotions as I read it and realized that we are NEVER alone. He said in the talk, "Don´t face the world alone. Trust in the Lord." I realized that there are times that we may naturally rely on the Lord more because of circumstances or trials we are facing. However, we should learn to always put our trust in the Lord. We should look to him for help in ALL things. He is always with us, if we allow it. We can find the guidance from him in our lives if we show him we are willing to follow his commandments. We can "rediscover how great life really is" by putting our trust in Him. Life is full of craziness and things we cannot control. Sometimes all we can do is trust that Heavenly Father has a plan for us. He didn´t send us here to fail, but to learn and progress and to prepare to meet Him. It´s a great plan. It´s perfect! I love the scripture in D&C 105:14 where the Lord says, "I will fight your battles". He will support us and carry us through our battles when we truly ask for it.

Love you all and appreciate your love, support and prayers! 

Have a FABULOUS week!! 


Hermana Nelson

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