17 March 2014

The Iceberg.


This week was so wonderful! I am feeling more INCREDIBLE LOVE for the people here. Seriously, my heart just BURSTS for them sometimes. I am coming to understand Heavenly Father`s incredible love and concern for each one of us. I feel bad for how much pain we put him through sometimes. 

We had an amazing experience with a less active member Maribel and her non member husband, Josè. Out of nowhere, he decided he wanted to listen to us and we taught him an amazing lesson with a member yesterday! At the end, I could see that Maribel was a little softened. The spirit was so strong, I knew there was no way that she could`ve felt that spirit too. I asked her how she felt and she told us that she feels like if her husband ends up joining the church, she wouldn`t feel so alone and confused and feel like she could really come back too. She has been incredible difficult to figure out. She just keeps telling us that she wants take her time to make her own decision to come back. We totally understand that, so we have been talking to her about prayer a lot. However, we realized that her problem was that she just felt alone. She had no support from her family. The iceberg. We found it. 

This week I am extremely grateful for the spirit. For example, I would be really grateful for the spirit if it woke up my companion at 4:30 in the morning while someone was trying to break into our room or something... and she felt impressed to get up and slam against the door to scare the creep away... and then the peace that I would feel from the spirit after a crazy experience like that. I also would be grateful for the Elders that made us switch rooms with them that next morning to a more safer place on the 4th floor... and would be so happy to now be living with our Pensionista, Yomira. I mean, all hypothetically speaking. The spirit is a great thing. I feel very safe and protected to have the spirit with us as misisonaries.

Our pensionista`s son, Brian... got a tongue ring this week. His mom still doesn`t know... He has to keep it in for a week, so he`s really avoiding eating around his mom. It`s really funny, this situation sounds ALL too familiar... really I mean who does this remind me of... ?? Hm. BRIAN. 

I LOVE PERU. It is so beautiful. I honestly feel like I am coming to recognize the love our Lord has for us and coming to know that through the beauty of the earth I get to experience here. 

Love you all!! You are incredible!


Hermana Nelson

p.s. We ate at Chili`s this week. AHH

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