30 June 2014

Puerto Love

Hey fam! Quick email no màs! I am really loving Puerto. WE had an incredible conference with the President last week! It was a little different because we did it in the JUNGLE. Literally, we had a testimony meeting in the AMAZON JUNGLE. It was really really cool. (see pic).

We had a great conference with all the branches here too... it was really inspiring and we can already see the members getting more excited and more involved in the work. We have a long way to go, but there is SO much potential here!

You want to know about Puerto? Well, just enjoy the pics :) It`s hot here and Im kind of turning into a crazy person... opening cans of peaches with small machetes, becoming friends with spiders, it`s all just part of the jungle life. Don`t worry mom, I`m elevating my feet at night too. :)

The work is going really well. We are working a ton with families, which is a really rewarding experience. We are also trying to do a lot with family History. It`s all really exciting and fun! I feel very excited for the future of Puerto. I feel very strongly that big changes are soon to come to Puerto.

Love you and thank you all for your support. Praying for you lots! Special shout out to BRIAN AND MOM!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you both so much and am praying for you lots today!!


Hermana Nelson

Lima Temple!
Really delicious Ice cream. I was a little overwhelmed.
The lamb I found in the fridge in our house before I left Cusco. No big deal. 
10 hour drive through mountains, almost barfing, from Cusco to Puerto. SNOW!
FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS MOM and BRIAN! We celebrated yesterday for you!

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