23 June 2014

Welcome to the Jungle.

Hey, remember that one time I said I didn`t have a transfer and then I went on and one about how excited I was to be staying in Cusco with Hermana Guajardo... well, about 10 minutes after all that, I found out that I did have a transfer. to the JUNGLE. PUERTO MALDONADO, Madre de Dios. It`s what they call the "Selva". A little bit of a shocker, but SO fun. I love it here. A COMPLETE change of life, but so good. Here`s a few changes I`ve had to go through in my first week in the jungle:

1. Learning new spanish words like, "to sweat", "bug bites" and "shorts", words I never used in Cusco.

2. My feet are growing. Or they are extremely inflammed right now. I will send pics next week.

3. I packed up all my sweaters and don`t even want to look at them.

4. Went from drinking hot herbal tea daily to cold lemonade.

I love Puerto despite the heat and crazy new everything. It`s amazing. I won`t even try to explain how hard it was to say goodbye to everyone in Cusco, but I will just say that I am exteremely happy to be here and be with Hermana Condie my new compi.

Love you all and praying for you lots! 

Hermana Nelson

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