16 June 2014


News about changes? THERE ARE NONE! Woohoo! So excited to be in this sector for my fifth transfer. I know I have so much to do here. Excited to jump in the work and put in an even greater effort to change lives in this sector. 

Highlights from the week:

1. I went to the temple in Lima! I had to go again for my Visa and it was seriously the greatest trip ever because of the temple. I wanted to stay in there for days. I felt the spirit so strongly there. So grateful to have been able to attend the temple last week. It literally is the House of the Lord, I felt that very strongly.

2. Elder Oaks came to CUSCOTOPIA! Elder Oaks, the apostle... apostle of the Lord... came to Cusco! We had a seperate meeting with him and his wife, Elder Grow (a general authority over the area) and his wife for just us missionaries. It was SO incredible. Can`t even descirbe it. I learned SO much and felt the spirit SO strong. SO amazing. He talked about the priesthood, keeping committments, the sacrament, he told jokes, etc. At the end he said he blesses us, as if his hands were on each of our heads, that the angels of the Lord would protect us and he blessed us that we would be guided in our work by the spirit. It was a really powerful and spiritual conference. Enough said.

Brian and Ally. What the heck. Were you two in Cusco a few weeks ago?? so confused. An elder came up to me and asked me if I know a Brian and Ally Nelson. I said yes, how do you know them? he said he saw you in the Plaza de Armas?!?!?! That`s like 5 minutes from my sector!! Wow! Still so confused. Enlighten me please.

Chris! It was such a surprise to see your aunt in my ward yesterday! So fun to recieve a giant hug from her! She`s awesome. We might be able to get together for lunch before she leaves!

Love you all so much! So happy and even more motivated to be a missionary and work in the work of salvation. 


Hermana Nelson

Also, a really great email from the president I recieved today...

Hermana Nelson,

You have come to learn on of the greatest truths and strengths of your existence… the truthfulness and the daily importance of the Book of Mormon. This is something that I hope you will make part of who you are, permanently. I promise you that the Book of Mormon, that is, what is contained therein and the things that you learn while studying the things that are contained therein, will be the source of protection and strength for you during your mission and all through your life. It should be as much a part of your day as is getting ready, eating your meals and brushing your teeth. Your progress as a missionary and as a daughter of God is wonderful.

Con amor,
Presidente Harbertson

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