02 June 2014

Receive Strength Through Him.

This week we saw so many little blessings happen!

Remember Evangelina and Fabian? Their Mom is 85 years old and is really going downhill. They both can hardly walk well and don`t have much strength to help their mom. It`s a really sad situation. Eva and Fabian are up to their ears stressing about their mom. Their Mom always yells things at us in Quechua... I`m pretty sure their not very kind words, but I don`t understand anything so it`s okay! I love her! haha. The Elders came over to give her a blessing. Fabian was super nervous about his mom freaking out on them during the blessing or something (she`s kind of a crazy nut), but they prayed that she would be able to recieve the blessing calmly. The Elders came and the entire time she gave the blessing, she was silent. She didn`t move or say anything. She kissed the Elder`s hand after he gave her the blessing. It was literally an answer to their prayers. They told us after that they know Heavenly Father was listening to their prayers and blessed them because of their faith. 

Yolanda is awesome! Getting baptized this Saturday! She hasn`t had an easy life... her Dad passed away when she was 14 and left the family with 8 kids! She is so incredibly happy now. She is so excited for her baptism!! She is just another testimony to me that the gospel blesses our lives and brings us happiness that we would could never imagine. 

As I`ve seen countless times in my mission and again this week, life is rough! Sometimes we don`t know what more to do. Our problems may not cease to exist, yet we can find the strength to overcome our challenges through the gospel of Jesus Christ. As we become closer to Him through following His example, we will recieve strength to press forward in whatever situation we may be in. 

I am so grateful for the gospel in my life. I am the happiest I could ever be! SO HAPPY!!!! I love life, love this ward, the mission, the people, my companion, the Book of Mormon, prayer... I love it all! I love my Savior and know that He gives me strength everyday to keep working hard, because he gave us is perfect gospel and example to follow. As I follow Him I am finding the strength to press forward with faith.

Love you all!

Hermana Nelson

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