07 July 2014

I Guess You Could Say I'm Feeling 22

Ah! Such a fun surprise in my inbox today!!!! THANK YOU!!! I LOVED the pictures... everyone is getting so big! ... especially you, Nate, or maybe it`s just the hair? ;) No but seriously, I can`t even believe how big the little girls are! Hailey looks so much like baby Megan. crazy. I have such a hot family! Congrats. The video you guys sent was hilarious!! hahaha THANK YOU! I`m glad to see you guys can still pretend to have fun without me. And that you`re not too awkward yet. Seriously that was such a fun surprise! Thank you, I feel very loved and special today. 

Puerto is amazing as always. We are seeing really slow, yet steady progress. Things are picking up in the branch, it`s just like 10 times slower than Cusco, but it`s motivating to work harder. It`s giving me a very different perspective on the work.

My Comp, Hermana Condie, I haven`t really talked a lot about her, but she is so great! She is another American sister and just finished her training. She is super excited about the work, obedient and works really hard. We get along super great! I`m so grateful for her. She is a great example for me... has a really strong testimony.

Something funny that I am learning about Peruvians is their health advice. Here`s just a few reasons that Peruvians think you might be sick (vomiting... etc.):
1. You`re drinking cold water
2. You use fan in your room
3. The temperature dropped 3 degrees
4. There's dust here
5. You don`t eat enough ("here`s another MOUNTAIN of rice")

1. Drink Herbal tea... like 80 times a day
2. Don`t go outside
3. Don`t use a fan in your room (that`s 1,000 degrees at night!!!!)

I love Peru more and more everyday haha. Thank you again so much for the Birthday wishes! I really have the greatest family ever! Praying for you as always!

Con MUCHO amor,

Hermana Nelson

P.S. God bless america. We celebrated with watermelon and lemonade!

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