17 February 2014

What a week.

This week was FULL of miracles, spiritual experiences on steroids, and so many good learning experiences. I could write this for hours, but I´ll write what I have time for right now. I had amazing experiences with certain people this week. I am learning that the greatest way to learn is through others. Here are a few of the people I have learned from and the experiences that go with it:
1. Dora and Vicki. Remember that email I forwarded to you guys from that lady that went to Lima for cancer treatment after a few weeks of teaching her? Well the missionaries found her like two days after she got there, started teaching her, and 2 days ago, her and her daughter were baptized! We got a call last week during our ward mission meeting from Vicki. She called to ask for permission to get baptized in Lima with the Elders... haha we OF COURSE said yes! We became really good friends while we were teaching her and she said she just had to call her Hermanas in Cusco to make sure it was okay. haha. She´ll be back in cusco in a few weeks. Just another example of the Lord´s timing and planning in our lives. 

2. Cynthia. We have been teaching a girl (27 years) that hasn´t been progressing too much because she is very indecisive... hm, sounds like someone we all know... haha. We are like the same person it´s ridiculous. She is sincerely searching for the truth and is very confused. She doesn´t like to commit to things until she really KNOWS and won´t regret her decision. We took her to the church to show her around and knew that if she was to feel the spirit anywhere, it would be in the church. Well, when we arrived, the Young Single Adults were setting up a Kareoke night in the room right next to the chapel. Yikes. We continued with the tour with whitney houston playing in the background. We sat down with her on the front row of the chapel and just talked. She opened up, we opened up, and had an amazing break through, One of the most spiritually strong moments I have had on my mission. Yeah, the Sexy Saxophone Man, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson were there in the background... but that´s exactly it, they were in the background. The only thing we could feel was the spirit strongly testifying to us that this is where we can find peace. I learned that day that the spirit can truly trump anything... even the sexy saxophone man. 

3. President Harbertson. We had interviews this week! My favorite 15 mintues of the 6 weeks! He talked to me about doing the will of the Lord. He said that we often have the desire to do the will of the Lord, but don´t know how to do it. The answer is simple. Obedience. I have probably heard that a MILLION times since even before I left for Peru, but it especially struck me in this moment. If we truly want to do the will of the Lord (and we should want that because he above anyone knows what is best for us), we should do what he has asked of us. And not just do part of what he´s asked, or the things that WE think will make a difference, but do every. single. thing. he has asked. How can we expect him to bless us if we are not striving to do our very best to do the simple things he has asked of us. We talked about progression in the mission and in life... we can constantly improve and should constantly strive to improve. President Harbertson, he is so wise. He is very focused on helping us prepare for life after the mission, while helping us improve now and become the best we can be. He said that if we can figure out how to do the will of the Lord, then we are truly successful missionaries... and it will help us in every part of our lives after our missions. He said so many other great things, but that is what stuck out to me most. I want to strive to be better and do the little things so that I can gain the trust of the Lord and do His will. 

4. Hermana Thompson. My companion is amazing and I learn from her everyday. We had a great comp inventory (I am a huge believer in comp inventory. I get scared everyweek, but I always end up loving it so much) and talked about some things that we could really improve. She told me that she thought both of us had been a little prideful this last week. And that was causing a lack of spirit in lessons, tension... lots of things. She was so right. I think I knew that too, but I am grateful for her honesty. Everyone needs a good slap in the face sometimes, and this week I had a little slap in the face from the Lord. Constant improvement... that´s the lesson. Hermana Thompson taught me something very important though. She said that when we have these "slaps in the face", we should learn from them and move on, taking with us what we learned... don´t dwell on the past. I think it was Robert D. Hales that said "The past is to be learned from, not lived in." This is the beauty of the atonement as well. We can alwyas improve, always work harder, and look to the future with hope.

Other than that, one funny story. A lady was sharing her beliefs with us. She began to tell us that she believes that we should not have make-up, earrings, necklaces, bare legs, or short hair. oops, oops, oops, oops, and oops. In this moment, I was wearing makeup, earrings, a necklace, no leggings or tights, and well, we all know what happened to my hair. I felt like a walking... what we would call "inicuo" or "apostacĂ­a". haha, it was pretty funny. 

Love you all. I pray for you everyday! 


Hermana Nelson

This is my old comp Hermana Allred who is now my sister leader. I get to see her lots here in cusco. it´s fun, we love each other!

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