24 February 2014

Mile 13

This week was... hm. You know when they say that in your mission the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. That statement has never been more true. We had one of those days where everyone decided to NOT BE HOME and the weather decided to be WAY TOO HOT. Not the greatest combination. However, at the end of the day, we ended up having an amazing lesson with a less active family. They are going to start preparing to go to the temple! The Lord never fails to test us, then give us a little miracle at the end of the day... but only IF we proved to persevere and work hard until the end. It reminded me of the Mississippi river marathon... Dad, you`ll appreciate this analogy... Sometimes, you hit mile 13 and want to die. But then you remember the end goal, remember that you have people cheering you on, and you remember that you can`t quit. Then (with a little ibprofuen) you get the strength to finish it. If we remember the big picture, remember that we have a heavenly Father that is always cheering us on, and remember that in reality, we CAN do it, we will find the strength to finish. Our pensionista`s son came with us all day yesterday, and we just about killed him. We walked for every street in Cusco. (He`s a little chubby kid and his mom told us to not let him eat while we were out... she likes it when he comes with us so he can excercise hahah. He`s adorable.) But we had a great little lesson that day. I was reminded that life is hard sometimes, but nothing is harder than what our Savior experienced. If he could suffer so immensely for every one of us, we can work a little harder, walk a little farther, and finish that marathon. Everything is possible through Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the atonement in my life and I am grateful for the strength I recieve from my Heavenly Father everyday in this amazing work!
Love you all! Thank you for the many emails and pictures this week! You`re all super hot!


Hermana Nelson

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