10 February 2014

Pictures 2/10

 The lady that cooks for us also has a store with tons of jackets and boots... sometimes we try her stuff on, and then I put my hair in a mohawk (because I can totally do that now)  and pretend I can rock out on the guitar. Yep.
We love washing clothes! This adorable little girl helped us wash her new baby cousins clothes with us. 
 1. La Plaza de Armas! SO beautiful! This is one of the reasons I love serving in the heart of Cusco. We got to tour this incredible cathedral. It was beautiful and has so much history. The thing that makes it really cool is that the spanish hired the incas to build it all... so those clever little incas threw their own little Inca spin on the catholic church... Like painting the Last Supper with a guineau pig on the table. I`m not really sure if Jesus ate guinea pig at the last supper, but that`s what the Incas think.
 The rock of 12 angles! Cool!
Oh the things we run into in taxis... this was one of the most surprising! Can you see what it is? It`s the Lima temple painted on his dashboard. This guy isn`t a member, but his friends are and want to get married in the temple. So... yeah, I invited him to church :)

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