03 February 2014

You Know You're a Sister Missionary in Cusco When...

This week, I thought it was about time for another one of these...

You know you´re a Sister Missionary in Cusco when...

1. You don´t mind at all walking down the busiest street in Cusco on a Saturday morning... because you get to see all the kittens and puppies they sell on the street! (My comp had to hold me back when I saw tiny cages with 10 little kittens, or when people were throwing guinea pigs in a giant plastic BAG!! ugh.) Oh by the way I ate guinea pig for the first time. YUM!

2. It´s normal to see people (and when I say people, I mean gypsies) trowing fire in the street, kids doing kartwheels, a kid doing cool tricks with a soccer ball for money... but it´s a little more shocking when clowns start chasing in the street! I might have screamed. It was scary.

3. You make the most of your 30 minute excercise in the morning with a little INSANITY!! Don´t ask me how I got a hold of a (maybe illegal) copy. We´re getting so buff.

That´s all for this week! Many more amazing things happened this week! Our investigator Fabian is getting baptized this Saturday! He is a rockstar! He loves the book of mormon and reads it everyday! He has osteoporosis and is in his bed most of the day... he lives with his sister who is a member, and kind of negative about life. I have seen how the gospel is bringing joy and hope to his life like he has never experienced before. 

He had his interview for his baptism this past week. We decided to go to the church early to teach something before his interview. While in the taxi with  him and his to go to the church, Hermana Thompson and I realized that we didn´t have keys to the church, our District leader didn´t have keys to the church... Fabian sure didn´t have the keys. Oh gosh. I have never prayed harder than in that 5 min taxi ride that by some chance the doors would be open. Well, halelujah, by some miracle and blessing from the Lord, there happened to be a guy from the stake there, and he was just about to leave! If we had not gone early, it wouldn´t have been open. It was another tender mercy I witnessed this week. So grateful!

Side note, our gospel principles teacher just had a baby last week. When we stopped by to visit her, I asked if she´d like us to get someone else to teach the class this sunday, EXPECTING her to say of course! Well, nope. She came to church with that 6 day old baby, bore her testimony, and taught that class! Woah. Peruvian women are strong! She taught pretty much the whole class until her husband came knocking on the window "uh honey, the baby is crying"... haha we had to take over for a little bit as she calmed her baby down. But seriously, I was so impressed. 

Yesterday was Fast Sunday, which means testimony meeting! My fav! One testimony in particular stuck out to me. He said something along the lines of, "If I am struggling, I have to go to the Lord; If my daughter is sick, I have to go to the Lord; If my job isn´t going well, I have to go to the Lord... I have to go to the Lord." (it sounds better in spanish "Tengo que ir al Señor") I loved this message. In all things, we have to go to the Lord. He will help us. We can go to him through reading our scriptures daily, praying, and going to church every week. As a missionary, I give lots of committments everyday. Well, my dear family, today I would like to give you a committment. I end my mission in just over a year now, and I would like invite you all to read the book of mormon again by the time I come home in February 2015. Do it personally, as a family, whatever you´d like. But read it! I know that it will change your life. It will bring blessing you didn´t know you needed. I know that if we go to the Lord in all things, through His gospel, He will support us in our trials and give us hope to press forward.

Send more pics and videos! Love them all!!! I love you all so much. I pray for you everyday! 


Hermana Nelson

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