10 February 2014



Long week, but ended wonderfully with Fabian`s baptism! It seriously was the perfect day. The baptism couldn`t have gone any more perfect! There are always a lot of worries right before the baptism... hot water, how he`s going to get in the font with his cruches, are members even going to show up?... However, with the help of the Lord, the water was warm, there was no big splash to get into the font, and tons of members came! I think my new favorite part of baptisms is the testimony of the newly baptized person. It is always so sweet and humble. I don`t think he fully understood how to give a testimony, because it started out with, "Heavenly Father", like a prayer. Haha, but he continued to thank the missionaries, and thank Heavenly Father for his baptism and that was it! He looked at us as he ended like, "Was that right?". We gave him the thumbs up for approval with big grins! His sister, Evangelina, who is a member gave the closing prayer. It was so sweet. She thanked Heavenly Father that the missionaries could teach her brother so he could get baptized and now they are two members in their family. They are so sweet and humble. I am so incredibly happy for him! He is a rockstar. He told us after his baptism that this is just the beginning. That`s exactly what this is. It`s just the start of his new life! This week he`ll get the preisthood too! Thank you to Nate and the Greg Olsen gang, for the GO prints. I gave him the one that is "Light of the World". He loved it! We`re going to find a place to put it up in their house this week. I`ll be sure to send you a picture! :) Thank you SO much. 

Other than that, I can`t think of anything better that happened this week. We found out our changes today... or lack thereof. Haha we`ll be staying here for another transfer! Woohoo! I couldn`t ask for a better companion, ward, pensionista, hot shower... I never want to leave. 

I love you all and pray for you everyday! I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine`s day! Hope you know how much I love you!! 


Hermana Nelson

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