29 October 2013


Okay. so much to say.... Also, Im sorry if my grammar stinks and I dont sound excited at all in this email... the punctuation stopped working. Ahhhhh. Haha.

This week was great. We had Zone conference. The President and his wife came. They gave wonderful talks on obedience. Kind of stresses the importance of being obedient to the commandments and the mission rules. 

We had an amazing Zone meeting this morning. We were all in tears by the end and the spirit was so strong. I love our zone. The leaders are amazing. I feel a little outnumbered at times being the only hermana companionship out of 10 other elder companionships haha, but its all good.

We have been teaching a lot. Mostly working with Less actives... No one wants to come to church.... they have the worst excuses too. Its raining.... I am washing clothes.... I have to plant seeds. My comp and I were laughing at how different it is from the states. Imagine someone in the US saying they cant go to church because they have to plant seeds hahah. Oh boy. Also people love talking here. Like really like talking. Well ask a question in a lesson and theyll respond with their whole life story. Haha its great because they love opening up, but we just have to be careful with what questions we ask. One lady, Eulalia... I asked her how she feels about going to the temple to be baptized for her daughter that died. I didn÷t undertstnad much of what she said, but all I heard was Menopause and then she pointed to her braids in her hair. You can imagine how confused I was haha. Turns out, she was sick and the doctors thought she had cancer, so she shaved her head... what... then they found out that it was only menopause... oh good hahahah. Now she has her braids back. Oh I love the poeple here. It is even more fun now that I am understanding and speaking more. Its a good time. 

I love Peru and being a missionary. I feel more happy and healthy than Ive ever been. Thank you for your emails and love. I love you all so much.

Happy Halloween. Have fun. I want pictures of everyones costumes. Ah I didnt realize how much I use exclamation points until now... Sorry. EXCLAMATION POINT. 

I love you.

Con Amor,

Hermana Nelson

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