15 October 2013

Do You Believe in Miracles?

Woah. A LOT to tell you all. The last week in the MTC was cray cray. My comp and I delt with a crazy bizarre situation with a district and girls and... ah I`m not even going to try to explain, but I`m glad it`s over ha and I learned that I am grateful that I had such an amazing companion and district in the MTC. I miss the MTC and all the studying there, but this thing... the real world... this thing they call ``the feild``... yeah, it rocks.
Here`s the highlights:
1. Altitude. What Altitude? I am extatic to announce that I have defeated the altitude sickness. That`s right, no sickness at all! I feel great! I can feel that we are high in the sky and it`s harder to breathe, but while most missionaries get sick for days, I haven`t had any sickness. Blessings I tell you. Miracles.
2. My Comp. She rocks. Hermana Allred is her name. We have a lot in common and we are both American which is cool because we can speak english! Yay my favorite! We are the first only American companionshp in this mission... ever. Or at least that`s what Hna. Allred says. Kind of crazy. We are both blonde and very white, so yeah we kind of stick out like a sore thumb here.
3. Sicuani! I am in an area 2 hours outside of cusco called Sicuani. It is beautiful! Look it up on Google maps. The ward is amazing. Really supportive of missionary work. There are A TON of less actives here so that is our main focus. It`s hard, but awesome. The poeple are so sweet here and so welcoming. Our cook, Margarita (also the RS president and the most amazing women ever!... in Peru) told me that they have to kick me out if I don`t know spanish in a month. They really are welcoming... haha no but really. I love the people. We all kiss each other on the cheek to greet each other. So sorry if I come home kissing everyone.
3. The language. Oh the language. yep. Yeah. That thing. Hm. Spanish is a language. I am trying to speak it.
4. Miracles. Saturday was a disappointing day because we had a ton of appointments and everyone and their dog decided to not be home. I´m convinced there was a party we weren`t invited to. It was discouraging a bit. Then as we were walking with a member, we decided to visit a lady we had tried earlier that day. We randomly ran into her on the street on the way to her house! Crazy! She`s never home so that was a miracle we saw her. Then we went to her house and met a couple that was renting out a room there. We began teaching them. After teaching them about the Book of Mormon and a little bit about what we believe, we asked if they had any questions. Andre, the man, said, ``Yes, when can I be baptized``. Um. What? Woah. Yeah... Okay I can work with that. Seriously it was a crazy miracle. They have a lot to work through and learn before baptism, but I knew that the spirit had testified the truth of this gospel to him. Heavenly Father had prepared us and humbled us for that experience. He truly knows far more than we do. I am grateful for that.
Thank you all so much for the emails and stories. I love you all so much!! Conference sounded like a blast! I LOVED IT!! I couldn``t help but think about you all while watching it. It was fun to think that we were all doing the same thing at the same time. Probably the only time that`s going to happen for a while. The gospel really brings families together... no matter how far you are from eachother.
I am doing well and loving life as a missionary. It`s hard, but I am learning so much. I am recognizing my weaknesses too. I am learning that I am very stubborn and like  to do things my own way. I´m sorry you guys have to deal with that! That`s annoying. I am learning that I HAVE to rely on others and there is no way I can do this on my own or my own way. Proverbs 3:5 THat`s what`s up.
Love you!!
Hermana Nelson

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