01 October 2013


Dearest Familia!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAILEY!!! Ah I love you girly. I had an experience that was just a little blessing to ease my Hailey withdrawls. As I was running laps at Physical Activity time I heard a distant, and soft ´´Hola´´... So I stopped and realised it was coming from a hole in the brick wall. Haha. kind of strange, but I walked over to meet a little 2 year old girl and her mom. I got to ask her questions like, ´´Cuantos años tiene?´´ and ´´Que dice el gato?´´... She even make a pig noise for me and said ´´perro´´ and ´´ruff´´ and ´´meow´´. I about died. It reminded me of Hails bails so much! I love her and miss her.
Happy Aniversary to my NATALIE AND CHRIS!! Woohoo!! Rock on! Love you both!!
Christmas? Yes, it is General Conference this weekend... but that´s not the kind of Christmas I am talking about. It is our LAST P-DAY in the MTC. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???? Yeah. Crazy. These 5 weeks have FLOWN by! Next Tuesday early in the morning I will fly to CUSCO and my mish pres will send you an email and a pic saying that I arrived safely, and then I will email you on my next pday... so probs thenext monday! I am SO excited to go to Cusco.
Okay unfortunately I am getting kicked of right now ahhhhh. But I love you and have had wonderful experiences this week. I am So sad to leave the CCM. My teachers and district are amazing. I am learning to be more humble everyday... I have a LONG way to go! I will write you when I get to Cusco! Love you all so very much!
Con Muco Amor,
Hermana Nelson

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