21 October 2013

A real missionary

Hola Familia!

This week rocked. I had a great learning and humbling week, but it was so wonderful at the same time! Here are the deets:

1. Sister Leaders. The Sister Leaders came to visit us last Tuesday for two days. We went on splits with them and it was so great to learn from other people`s teaching styles. I had a little humbling experience with them. They comforted me and assured me that the language would come. They were a little blessing that day. I learned and am still learning that I need to rely more on my companion, Preach my Gospel, and the Lord. I can`t do this my own stubborn way. 

2. Agua Caliente. Yeah folks, that`s right. We got HOT WATER up in here!!! We went from cold ice showers, to warm wonderful actually enjoyable showers. We also got ipads, cars, and we`re allowed to have cats for pets now!! Woohoo!! Okay that`s all a joke, but hot water is seriously a wonderful thing. 

3. Oh the beauty. Peru is beautiful! I didn`t realize it my first week because I was staring at the ground or at my planner trying to figure out what the heck we`re doing... but now I actually look around. The doors are my favorite thing here. Each one is different! I am taking pictures of a ton of doors. The sky is ridiculously blue here. I love it. The weather is perfect. A little rainy sometiems, but pretty dang good. 

4. This Sunday was hard because hardly anyone came to church! It was a little frustrating. Everyone works and cleans and does other things on Sundays and when they promise they´ll come to church, they don`t. It`s their own decision, but it is sad for us because we KNOW how happy this gospel makes people and especially strengthens families. My comp and I got a little overwhelmed with emotion last week as we studied the joy of this gospel. It truly is amazing. We have everything we need to be happy here and for eternity. I am SO grateful for the churhc in my life and to have the opportunity to study everyday.

5. Church. Okay. So I officially feel like a real missionary. I found out AFTER I agreed to play the piano, thay I am the ONLY one in the ward that plays. And let`s just clarify something... I know how to play like 3 hymns... semi well. YIKES. Well the last two weeks I have `played during sacrament meeting. And the Bishop just likes to throw randoms hymns that I´ve never played before at me... It`s rough to say the least, but I love it. Haha. I also gave a talk in spanish(obvi) on Sunday. Not sure if anyone understood me, but it happened and it rocked.

6. The Laguage. Once again. Yeah, that`s a thing. Last week I said that Brian used to buy hamsters for us to eat... I meant to say that he boughtthem for his snake!! Haha we got a good laugh out of that one.

I love you all. I am loving this mission thing. I still am learning A TON and have a long way to go, but I love it here and am so happy! 

Con Amor,

Hermana Nelson

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