06 November 2013

My Purpose

First of all, CONGRATS to MR. IRONMAN! You go Dad! Thank you to everyone who sent me pictures this week! I LOVED THEM! I have the cutest family! And... chloe´s costume oh my gosh. Oh this week I saw a diamondbacks shirt, a redsox hat, and a Michigan sweatshirt hahaha so funny!

If anyone has any ideas for fun lessons and games for FHE nights send them to me!! 
If anyone is sending a package soon, I have a few things I would like from the good old states... Slippers ( I know, that sounds really high maintenance, but my feet are cold and the floors are dirty. :) I Love you). Sticky notes with extra strong stickiness! Greg olsen Prints. Can you hook me up? A lot of the families really want a bigger picture of Christ in their house. All they have is the small pass a long cards we have for them. 

Megan! I am in a internet shop. Music is blasting and little kids keep coming up to me and saying ¨Hello, how are you¨ because that´s all they know how to say in english. haha. Say hello to your class for me!! 

This week was full of a lot of happy and emotional experiences.

1. We stopped by an ivestigators house who we have just been waiting on to get married. When she opened her door, I immediately noticed her face was badly beaten up with scratches and a swollen black eye. Her boyfriend beat her up really bad. I will spare telling all the details, but it was horrible. She was just crying. But the wonderful news is that they are finally separating. Before even talking about it, she told us that she wants to be baptized. She said that she feels so alone and knows that she can`t raise her two kids by herself, so she needs the gospel and the support of the church. She told us that she knows that the gospel will help her raise her kids in a good environment with good morals. She is going to be baptized in two weeks. I can`t even explain how excited I am for her. She has been through so much emotional and physical pain in her life. I am so incredibly excited for her to have a fresh start. Life is going to begin again for her with her baptism. 

There are two other women that we have been talking to that have similar situations. I think every woman we teach has this same kind of thing in their past. It is horrible. It makes me a little angry at the men here. But we met with a family whose Dad was a drunk and abusive for a long time. Through tears, he explained to us how everytime we stopped by he was reminded of God. He told us he wants to change. I have already seen the happiness that this has brought their family. It just confirmed and strengthened my testimony that the gospel can change lives, and bring families together. I am so excited to see what happens with them. 

2. HALLOWEEN! Everyone makes loads and loads and loads of bread here for halloween. Like crazy amounts. I still really don`t understand it. They just make it and eat it. So we got a lot of bread last week. Also, I realized how sensitive of a subject Halloween is. Like a lot of people really hate it and think it is of the devil. So we just stopped talking about it haha. But we celebrated by switching name tags for a few hours. Woohoo!! haha

3. STORMS!! ALL THE LIGHTS WENT OUT. It was scary and we couldn`t see A THING! But luckily, we made it home before the rain came pouring down! All safe and sound. It was fun to watch the lightning from the window!

I love you all so much!! Always praying for you. Thaknyou for all your support and encouragement every week! And the pictures!! Oh and Mom! I got your letter and pictures and the music this week! Thank you!! Love it all!!


Hermana Nelson

Favorite part of the day? 9:00pm Planning. Obvi.

Cat! Crazy eyes!

The lights went out! 

The Bike Shop. Peruvian Style

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