18 November 2013

11/18-Elder Nelson Came

Hola Familia!

Here´s my WIP (Week in Progress):

1. PATIENCE: Wow, I didn´t think that was something I really was lacking until I came here. Ha. Lilliana´s husband came back and they decided to live together again, which means that she didn´t get baptized. Rough stuff, however, we are visiting with them both to see what his desires are. She wants to get married and baptized, but he doesn´t want it. He has a very hard heart, but I have faith that he can change. It will be an amazing day when they are married and baptized together as a family. I know this gospel can change his life and make them happy and united, he just needs the desire. This is what I have to be patient with. So many people are having a hard time progressing here. They know everything, there are just little stumbling blocks in their way. I have learned that I can´t expect people to change overnight. I have to be patient with them! 

2. Elder Nelson! We got to go to Cusco yesterday to hear Elder Nelson speak to three stakes. Over 2,000 people came!! It was INCREDIBLE. Just the setting and having that many people so excited to hear from this apostle of the Lord, brought the spirit to that chapel. He talked about missionary work. He had all the missionaries stand and thanked us for our work. Then he said "the best missionaries don´t wear badges!" It´s so true. Members are the greatest missionaries there are! I love the scripture in D&C11:15 that says you don´t need to be called to preach. At the end he said he felt impressed to end his talk in spanish. He doesn´t know spanish! He bore testimony of the atonement in perfect spanish. It was incredible. The spirit was so strong there last night. 

3. You know you live in Peru when... people put baby chickens under their shirt to keep them warm during a lesson.

4. FIRST PACKAGE!!! Thank you mom so much for the package!! I loved it! All the candycorn is gone already and the trailmix is almost gone haha... don´t worry, I shared with other missionaries on our bus ride to cusco yesterday. I also got letters from Megan and Brian and ALly! Thank you so muhc, it was so fun to read. I also got Allison´s wedding invite! I don´t think I´ll be able to make it, but pass on my CONGRATULATIONS to her!! That is SOOO exciting! AHHH!!! 

5. As you will find a picture of....we are celebrating thanksgiving by making a jar and putting things we are thankful for and then we are going to read them all on thanksgiving! We want to teach our pensionista how to make mashed potatoes haha.

I love you and pray for each of you everyday!! Thank you for the emails and love!!


Hermana Nelson

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