07 April 2014

To Him We Are Everything

This week was amazing! Such an incredible week of spiritual upliftment... a little bit of chastizing and burning, but what can you expect when the Profet and apostles are speaking. It really was an incredible conference! Natalie told me last conference that she heard that General Conference is like Christmas to missionaries. I would like to testify of those words. Conference is way better than Christmas!! I got to listen to it in English thank goodness! 

I felt a few great themes throughout the conference, however the one that touched me most was LOVE. I love what one apostle said that love is most necessary thing we are lacking on this earth. How true is that! That is something I want to improve in all aspects of my life... as a companion, missionary, daugther, future mother, teacher, etc. I am realizing the grand importance of love for one another, and also for our Heavenly Father. There is a great quote by Elder Uchtdorf that says something along the lines of, "When compared to Heavenly Father, we are nothing, yet to Him we are everything." I felt that more than ever this last week. I am so tiny when compared to the great plan he has for us. However, he has an eternal love for each one of us and has incredible confidence in us to rise to our true potential and become gods and godesses. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission and learn everyday more about this incredible love that my Heavenly Father has for me. I am grateful for the opportunity to become better everyday through Jesus Christ´s atonement. So grateful.

I love you all and hope you got the chance to listen to conference... if not, I hope you go back and watch it online! :) #conferencechangeslives

That´s all I got time for this week! Quick shout out to Dad and Keri... THANK YOU FOR THE EASTER PACKAGE!! You ROCK. AND thank you for the headbands!! I am putting them to good use... working on my peruvian pigtails. Also thank you to the Minetonka (how do you spell that?) Ward Primary for your sweet notes and beautiful drawings! Thank you to the Nelson family from Minnesota for the package!! Holy cow it was everything I needed! Especially the hand cream... now my hands aren´t suffering so much. Thank you thank you thank you! I feel so spoiled!! 

Love you all TONS!!

Hermana Nelson

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