28 April 2014

The lost sheep.

This Sunday, yesterday, was incredible! We had 7 less actives come to church. AHH! Not only that, but my comp and Elder Lehman gave AMAZING talks on paraboles about the lost sheep and the prodigle son. They talked about how we can always come back to the church. Most importantly, how we should welcome people back with love like the father of the prodigle son. One less active, Maribel came to church for the first time since we´ve been workign with her in January! She was asked to give the closing prayer. Wow, I´ve never been so touched by a prayer as much as I was by her prayer. She said, "Father, please forgive me for distancing myself from your church. Yes, I am the lost sheep..." She continued to say that she promises to not leave the church again, because she know that this is the true church. It was very touching. Very humbling. She wants to come back to church. It´s amazing how the spirit can touch people´s hearts and bring them back to the truth.

Such a great week! Love you all and special shout out to CHLOE MARSH... 1 year way to go!! only 76 more to go, according the the U.S. life expectancy rate. DAD HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO!!!! Woohoo! love you two lots! Big besas and brazos from me! 

Les Amo!

Hermana Nelson

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