27 January 2014


I had a great week this week! It went by pretty fast for a lot of reasons, but here`s the highlights...

1. Zone Training with the President. Can I just say that I LOVE our mission president. He is the most amazing man in the world. Seriously, every word that comes out of that man´s mouth is so powerful. He spoke about temptation and how the temptations we have are from Satan... they are not our thougths or feelings and because of that, we have power to dismiss those thoughts and temptations. It was a really good, enlightening message. Probably my favorite part of the conference was his closing talk. He told each one of us in our first interview with him, that he is here to help us on our mission and prepare us for after our missions as well. He talked about the divine nature and role of women. He spoke directly to the Sisters for a bit, then spoke to the Elders. You can only imagine what he siad to them. He told them that he didn`t understand women when he was first married, but now, he said after 25+ years of marriage, he has realized that he doesn`t deserve his wife. He talked about how men need to know their place and realize that Eve was God`s most perfect creation. It was powerful. Especially being in Peru and with the macho culture here... it was much needed for both the Elders as well as the Sisters.

2. Sometimes people don`t come to church... Even when you assigned your mission leader to go pick them up. So sometimes, we have to leave the church when sacrament meeting is about to start and go pick them up ourselves! And sometimes... you get there, skip the knocking thing because that would take WAY too long, barge in the door... and find them still in bed. What do you do? Hm, well if you are my companion, you say "Get out of bed!! Church is starting in 5 minutes! This is the most important day of the week! Let`s go!" And what do they do? They don`t ask questions and they get out of bed. Sometimes they aren`t fully dressed... and that`s kind of gross. Then, they come to church, and thank you later :)

3. We had an amazing District meeting as well this week! We were assigned to teach it, and we felt like we should teach about the restoration of the gospel. A little basic, but it felt right. It ended up being such an amazing meeting, not because of the way we taught, but because we all felt the spirit. We had a little contest with the elders to see you knew the first vision the best. We had them sing it, act it, write it... it was hilarious! Then we asked who had actually felt the spirit during that activity? Who was actually paying attention to the words? No one. Then we had each person read the first vision and focus on their own testimony and focus on the words. The spirit was so strong in the room. It was an amazing experience and helped me remember the importance of the message of the Restoration of the Gospel. 

Loving life, my new hair (because it takes less than 5 minutes to do every morning... sorry for those of you that don`t like it, too bad), and of course, being a missionary! 

Love you all so much!! 


Hermana Nelson

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