13 January 2014

Loving the new area

Hola familia! I am absolutely loving this new area! Opening a sector has never been so much fun! I can definitely attribute that to the INCREDIBLE members, my companion, other missionaries, pensionista... it´s all amazing. I love the people and the work here. We are working with a lot of less actives, which can be difficult, but things are progressing with them, so I have high hopes! There are also a lot of families preparing to go to the temple, so it has been really fun to talk about the blessings of eternal families, etc. Last night we taught a couple who is going to go to the Lima temple in about a month. I showed them pictures of each one of you! I told them that each of you have been through the temple. I am so grateful for that. So grateful to be able to say that! 

As we are getting in the groove of opening a sector, the elders are getting used to sharing a sector haha. As I mentioned last week, everyone is obessed with having hermanas in the ward. They give us all their references, want us to visit them, and walk around with us for hours showing us the area and introducing us to new people. Every once in a while, we have a run in with the elders or at the end of the day they´ll ask, "Oh how was the Espinoza family? Yeah, they told you had already stopped by before us." Yesterday was especially funny, A member brought us to a less active´s house to visit and probably 5 minutes into our conversation, there was a knock at the door. Lo and behold it was the Elders! I guess you could say they were a little less than pleasantly surprised haha. We all laughed about it. What can I say... 

My spanish is still happening... haha. Sometimes people tell me, "You don´t speak much spanish, do you?". Oh really? I don´t? Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I wasn´t aware that I´m not fluent in spanish yet! Mostly, I just laugh about it. Ha. ... ha. 

There is a teenage girl we are working with who is amazing. She was baptized in a different city about 6 months ago, and later moved to Cusco. She is a really special girl. She doesn´t talk much, but you can feel how special she is when you are with her. Her mom died about 3 years ago, her dad lives in a different house... she is the youngest and living in her own little room she rents by herself. I still have a lot to understand about her and her life. We had a lesson with her last week. We had planned to share a specific scripture. As she got her Book of Mormon off her shelf, she handed us this little picture of Christ wiping the tears of a little girl. On the back it had a scripture reference from Revelations 21:4. It was in english, so she wanted to know what the scripture said. We looked it up in spanish and were completely hit by the spirit. The scripture says that the Lord will dry all your tears. I have never read that scripture before. Hermana Thompson and I just looked at each other and looked at Jacelin. We felt an incredible love from our Heavenly Father for her. I could feel that the Lord has wiped her many tears. My testimony was strengthened once again that our Heavenly Father truly cares and is watching over each and every one of us. 

I am having so much fun and so many great experiences here. My comp is amazing! She is hilarious. Sometimes too much for me to handle. She lost her voice this week and I don´t knowo what I was thinking, but I suggested we sing a song before we prayed while we were in a lesson with this older lady. Well, it ended up being more of a solo sung by me. The lady wanted to sing more... so I sang three songs, yes practically solos (because if you knew the people here... they don´t really sing). I was DYING. I was on the verge of a laughing attack meltdown. Luckily I held it together. 

Love you all so much! Thank you Grandma and grandpa Nelson for the christmas card and pictures! So adorable! I LOVE PICTURES!!!! The clasons, hamiltons, and mom send me Christmas cards too! Thanks a ton! SPECIAL THANKS TO NATE FOR THE GO PRINTS. OH MY GOSH I WANTED TO CRY: Those are BEAUTIFUL! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I am so excited to give those to families here. Ahhh thank you so much! 


Hermana Nelson

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