19 January 2015

Being a Missionary is Really Fun

It´s a new transfer, and new fun things are happening! New challenges too, but mainly new great things. My companion is amazing! Her name is Hermana Ugarte and she is from Salta, Argentina. I love people from Argentina. They are super chill and down to earth.

This week we saw a few blessings... the bishop invited us for breakfast at his house... MIRACLE. We found tons of new families in the street and were also rejected by a good amount... but hey welcome to the life of a missionary! It was sunny more days than it did rain this week so I would say that´s a blessing. I feel more great blessings to come this week... I KNOW that miracles are going to happen in this sector. I just don´t know how or when or who... but I know that miracles are coming. I´ll keep you updated. 

Love you all so much! Keep reading the Book of Mormon! It´ll change your life if it already hasn´t.


Hermana Nelson

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