27 October 2014

Ether 12:27

Holy cow it`s really hot here. I didn`t think it could get much hotter, but it does. The funny thing about Puerto is that every time we talk to someone the first thing they say is "Ah it`s hot! Isn`t it?", as if yesterday wasn`t hot and tomorrow won`t be just as hot. The weather is a natural conversation starter even if it is ever so constantly. brutally. HOT.

This week was ahhhh good. They always say that if you ask God for patience, he`ll give you opportunities to be patient. That was proved to be more than true this week. I was very humbled this week by many circumstances, and more than anything by coming to see my own weaknesses. Sometimes we get into a dangerous rhythm of "oh yeah, I know what I`m doing". I was praying to be more humble so I can really come to know Heavely Father`s will for me here. He gave me a few good opportunities this week to humble myself. We had planned a lesson for the 2 new families we are teaching and had planned to teach the Law of Chastity and invite them to get married and baptized. We planned out the lesson, and prayed and fasted all day hoping that everything would go well and that they would accept the invitation to be baptized. We were all focused on them. Going into the lesson, we felt good and started off reading the Book of Mormon with them because they hadn`t read. The spirit was strong as we taught about the importance of the Book of Mormon. Then we went ahead with the lesson we had planned about chastity. It was fine... they understood, but were very distracted by babies crying and other random questions and soon enough we kind of lost control of the spirit. By the end, we didn`t feel good about inviting them to be baptized. I ended with by sure testimony of the Book of Mormon. I felt the spirit as I testified of that truth and as my companion testified of our Heavenly Father`s love for us. We left the lesson feeling a little frustrated with how things went. After a long day we were physically and emotionally exhausted. We talked it all out and went over where we went wrong. I came to realize through that experience that I was putting my trust in my own weak abilities rather than putting my faith in my Heavenly Father and his all-knowing power. Although we were fasting a praying, I wasn`t truly doing it with faith in Him. I was doing it with faith in myself. It helped me to remember that I need to truly turn to Him and "consult him in all my doings" and let him direct my path. He showed me my many weaknesses this week and helped me to be a little more humble. It constantly amazes me to think about how imperfect I am, yet how much trust Heavenly Father has put in me to Preach His gospel and brings souls unto Him and His Son. How could he possibly be okay with letting me loose to do that?? Well, it`s because he loves me. He trusts be because he knows I can do it. He has a divine potential and plan for each one of us.

I love being a missionary. I am still learning and learning and learning. I can`t imagine my life without this experience! We are working with lots of knew people and hoping to see more progress in this sector as we turn our will to Heavenly Father. 

Thank you for the video with Nate. We are working with a less active, Karol, that is suffering from depression. I`ll tell you more about her crazy and miraculous story next week. Definitely helped me understand a little more of what she might be going through. 

Love you SO much! 

Hermana Nelson

P.S. Candy, the cat had 4 baby kittens and then ATE them!!! AHHHH talk about traumatic.
P.P.S. Found three REALLY abnormally HUGE cocroaches in our bathroom last night. I poured like half of our hand soap on one of them to kill it. It worked. Also found a scorpion. Oh and we were invited to eat lunch with a member this week. They made Hamburgers! LOTS of hamburgers!! I`ll send pics next week. 

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