20 October 2014

Cuentas tus bendiciones.

This week was really great! We saw even more little miracles... seriously the Lord is blessing us WAY too much! 

So, maybe you`ve noticed, but we are really focusing on families right now. The President a few months ago challenged us to contact EVERY family we pass in the street. Seeing a family all together in the street is a very unusual thing here, so it`s a rare opportunity when we run into a family. President Harbertson said that he strongly feels that these families are prepared to here the gospel and progress because they already have that foundation of a family. Also, in order to help build the kingdom of God, we need families! The family we met last week, we haven`t been able to get in contact with again, but we`ll keep trying this week. We actually found two new families! Once again, walking by a park we saw two couples with thier babies... Hermana McMahon and I just looked at each other and without hesitation went right over to contact them. We were able to make another appointment to visit them a few days later. They are two really great couples that are seeking guidance for their families. The husbands work security at a near by jail and have a lot of days free so it makes it easy for us to make appointments with them. What really surprised us was when they introduced us to their friend that also lives with them, Eduardo. He came out with a Book of Mormon and another church book in hand! We were like, "uh what? are you a member?!" He explained that he was a member from Cusco recently baptized, but was inactive since he had been in Puerto for 5 months. It was seriously another testimony to me that Heavenly Father really is looking out for his children. He knows us personally and knows what we need more that we ourselves do. He`ll send us help if we will only accept it. Eduardo and on eof the couples, Jonatan and Vianet came to church yesterday! So many people were at church yesterday! We are seeing progress littl eby little and seeing blessings in the lives of the people we visit. 

Love you all and praying for you!

Hermana Nelson

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