16 September 2014

Lo Siento!

Hey sorry I didn´t write yesterday! I guess it´s what happens when the
power goes out... and the water... yikes.

This week has been great! I went to Cusco and picked up my new comp!
Hermana McMahon is her name. She is from Indiana, likes to sing, likes
ice cream, is a convert of about 6 years, and is really beautiful! She
has an amazing spirit about her. I know that we are going to work hard
together and learn lots. She showed a lot of patience with me when I
locked us out of our room our first night here... whoops!

I´m sorry I haven´t written much these past few weeks, but I am really
doing well and loving Puerto! It´s hot as ever and I never stop
sweating, but I LOVE IT! I will write more next week I swear!!

I love you all so much!

Con Amor,

Hermana Nelson

Bus ride to CUSCO! hashtag barf hashtag so beautiful

Hermana Condie and my last day together in Puerto. Super sad, but fun
to see all the great lives she influenced while here in Puerto. She
was an amazing companion. I learned so much from her by her humble
example. She truly made me a better person.
My new companion! Hermana McMahon from INDIANA. You can only imagine
how much the peruvians are butchering her name! It even took me a day
to get it right.

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