04 August 2014

This Place is Hot Hot Hot

It was an incredible week. I can´t really say much more than that!
Here´s just one of the cool stories from the week:

Last week we met a less active for the first time who ended up giving
us two references. One of the references is a family of 3 (mom, and
two sons). She was very excited to talk to us because she wants her
sons to get involved in a church and she herself wants to learn more.
We visited her last week and invited them to church. Because she works
on Sundays, only her sons were able to come. As we sat in Sacrament
meeting listening to testimonies, her 13 year old son Victor asked me
what was going on. I explained to him that the first sunday of every
month whoever wants to can share their testimony about what they
believe. Well, I wasn´t expecting him to do what he did. He walked
right up there at the last minute of the meeting and shared a strong
testimony of Jesus Christ. I was so touched by his desires to share
what he believed without any fear. Later in Elders Quorum/Young Men´s
the Elders were asking for volunteers to help them do visits that
week. Victor was the first to raise his hand! Later that day he
accompanied the Elders to visit a family all with his Book of Mormon
and Bible in hand! It´s truly touching to see the natural desires he
has to serve the Lord and to share what he believes with everyone! He
will make a great missionary one day!

Thank you for all you are doing to spread the gospel and strengthen
your own families! I know you are all incredible examples for others
and for ME!

Love you!

Hermana Nelson

Pics: It´s really hot here. Even the cats think it´s hot.

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