18 August 2014

Ire y Hare

This week was good! We are seeing more and more progression in the
branch. Yesterday 11 of the less actives we are working with were in
sacrament meeting! Woah! Seriously, such a blessing from the Lord. We
are working hard and trying to follow the spirit to really know who to
work with and who is really prepared for us to teach.

Jhasmina and Yersin are progressing really well! We are making plans
for their wedding! Yersin is super strong and getting more and more
ready for baptism. I`m really excited for them!! Ah! In 2 weeks we`ll
have the big FIESTA! August 30th.

Just want to apologize to Mom and Dad for being a difficult teenager at
times and being REALLY hard to get out of bed some mornings... or most
mornings. We went to pick up a less active for church on Sunday. He`s
18 and likes to sleep a lot. Well, we knocked, and waited outside his
door, his mom yelled at him, and we waited and waited... and all we
got was, "no, you guys go ahead, I`ll meet you there..." Ah, well he
didn`t come and probably hates us now, but ya know, we`re just trying
to help. We worry a lot about that kid and really just are trying to
help him be happy. Now I understand that perspective a little
better... sorry mom and dad haha.

Love you all tons!

Hermana Nelson

Sometimes it rains a lot! I heart Puerto.
My companion is really warming up to liking cats... 

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