26 May 2014

Perseverar hasta el fin.

Well, this week was pretty much incredible. As you all know, Oscar accepted his date to be baptized on the 24th, he passed his baptismal interview and everything was wonderful! However, like always, when something amazing is about to happen, we face the hardest trials. There was crazy drama in his family this week. Drama! Seriously, Oscar was totally chill and still feeling really good about getting baptized, yet his sister, Dora and mom, Vicki were doubting that he was actually ready to be baptized. Everyone was mad at everyone... Dora told Vicki that her outfit was ugly... ON her BIRTHDAY... Vicki told Oscar that she didn´t want to go to his baptism... Drama I tell you. We had countless family counsels with them last week. Yet, Hermana Guajardo and I had no doubt in our minds that Oscar would be baptized with Vicki and Dora there. In the end, that´s exactly what happened. They were all on time to the baptism and it was so perfect. Really, I have never seen them three so happy, especially Oscar. We talked with them on Sunday night and Dora told us that she was still annoyed with Oscar in the baptism... right up until the actual baptism of Oscar, all her hard feelings left. She was finally happy for Oscar and felt good about it all. She said it was a testimony builder for her. It was an interesting spin of events... to see a change in not only Oscar, but in his sister and mom as he made the decision to be baptized. 

This whole experience made me think a lot about enduring to the end. Even though this family had tons of problems and drama last week, they stuck with what they knew was right. Vicki supported Oscar in being baptized and even Dora showed her support even though she was still a little angry with him. They may have had to walk blindly, not understanding how it was all going to work out, but in the end it did work out. The baptism was beautiful and they all felt the spirit and are so much happier now, as a family. Sometimes we have crazy drama in our life and we just don´t know how it will all work out, but as we hold strong to the gospel of Jesus Christ and continue in what we know is right, we can have the great faith that it will all work out. Even more, we can have the HOPE that we will have great joy in the end of it all... we can return to live with our Father in Heaven and enjoy the blessings of eternal life. 

Such a wonderful week. We are also teaching a new girl named Yolanda. AH she is such a star! She is 21 and living alone, but has 8, yes EIGHT, brothers and sisters in a nearby city. When we first visited her, she seemed a little sad, didn´t smile a lot. But seriously just in this last week, she is SO much happier! You can see it! She smiles and laughs more! Yolanda gave a beautiful prayer yesterday when she thanked Heavenly Father for the opportunity to meet us because she doesn´t feel so alone anymore and she feels a lot happier. It´s incredible. AH! She is going to be baptized on the 7th of June. She came over to our house for lunch yesterday and ended up staying with our Pensionista for 6 hours! The Elders came after us to teach another investigator, then the visting teachers came, then an FHE... haha she is such a star! So happy and proud of her. So grateful that Heavenly Father sent us to find Yolanda who is truly prepared to hear this gospel. 

Love you all so much! Praying for you lots and hope you´re all reading your Books of Mormon on the daily! Think of the blessings people!!


Hermana Nelson

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