12 May 2014


Answers to Megan`s questions:

1. Do you and your companion talk about normal things ever? Like boys, family, ect?
The only boys we talk about are Americo, Oscar, Alberto, and ocasionally Lucas, our pensionista`s dog. ;) Haha but yes, we talk all day! We talk a lot about family, lives before and after the mission, life dreams... ya know... we have A LOT of time together. I heard once that one transfer together is equivalent to 50 years of marriage!

2. How tired are you at the end of the day? 
Tired... more emotionally than physically. Let`s just say, that feeling of laying my head on my pillow at the end of the day has never felt so good! 

3. Does weather/little things get you down ever? It seems like you could get your arms cut off and would still be happy. :) love it.
Haha, I love the weather here! I love when it rains, it makes things exciting! I don`t like when it`s hot... I think about those poor missionaries in Arizona. AH! It`s cold, but mostly sunny here! The weather doesn`t affect me much. I don`t think I would enjoy having my arms cut off.

4. Would you like to travel more?
"I`ll go where you want me to go dear Lord". In the mission, I love where I am and love where I am going. I would love to see more of Peru, but know that where I am is where i am supposed to be! As far as traveling on Pdays or something, yes I would love to see more of the fun tourist sights!

5. How is your perspective on life going to be different when you come home?
I will have to answer that in a whole different email. SO MANY THINGS! 

Thanks for the questions! If you all get together 5 or less questions a week for me to answer, that would make it easier for me to know what you want to hear :)

I absolutely LOVED talking to you all yesterday! Seriously I was so happy last night. I am overwhelmed by the blessings I am seeing in your lives. I know the Lord is blessing you in so many ways! I couldn`t be happier to see just how happy you all are.

I kind of already told you about updates on our priority investigators this week, so I`ll give you updates on Oscar next week. I am learnign to have more faith in the Lord as I learn what His will and timing is for Oscar. I know that he will work miracles in his life according to his faith and our faith.

I love you all SOOO much! More than you can imagine! Thank YOU for being the greatest family in the world and for supporting me!


Hermana Nelson
FHE with Americo and the fam!
Sacsayhuaman round 2

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