02 December 2013

Diciembre! Que en el mundo?

Good week! 

1. Thanksgiving. No, we didn´t have turkey or stuffing, but we had fun talking about what we were grateful for! I was slightly ill on Wednesday... due to something a dear investigator gave us to drink. "Here drink this! It´s good for your health!". Yeah. Nope. Haha. So instead of stuffing my face on Thanksgiving, I was letting my stomach recover haha. But I am all better now!

2. I am definitely a foreigner here. I don´t really realize that until people point it out. People have called us "barbies", "twins", or they ask if we are sisters, to which we reply, "Yes, of course! Sisters of the church!" Haha. One investigator ( The same one that gave me that drink... was surprised to find out we are only 21, because she thought we were 40 years old. Okaaaay. And then she started hitting my stomach telling me that I look pregnant. Thank you Ambrosia. The school kids always try to speak english to us in the street, saying "Hello!". Or weird old men will say things like "hasta la vista bebe!"... like that´s the only spanish we know hahaha. I like to be really funny and when people yell "Look! Gringas!", I look around and say, "What? Gringas?! Where?!!" They get really confused and I think I´m really funny. 

3. Heavenly Father works through weak people I have learned that through experience and through stories in the Scriptures. I love the stories of Peter the apostle. He made many mistakes and had weaknesses, yet Christ trusted him to lead the church after his death. Joseph Smith was the same... had many weaknesses and wasn´t very educated, yet the Lord entrusted him to restore his gospel! I am grateful that the Lord works through weak people, because I am weak and cannot do this work without him. 

4. Miracle Yovanna! Wow. craziness happened last night. I don´t know if I told you about the girl that we met like a month or more ago... we found her son in the street and helped him carry something back to his house and then ended up having an incredible lesson with his mom, Yovanna. She has been through crazy things, with her ex husband, and has so much pain still from all these terrible trials. We were excited to teach her more and help her overcome these things... but she was never home! We could never get ahold of her! People were telling us she moved... so we kind of gave up on her. Then yesterday, we saw her son walking through the street! AH! We walked with him back to his grandparent´s house where his mom was. His grandparents and Yovanna happily welcomed us in! She explained that she is never in her house, only to sleep, and that her phone broke! The only way we would have found her again was by randomly running into her son in the street again. Seriously a miracle. Long story short, we found out from her mom that their whole family is baptized in the church! Yovanna didn´t even remember at all! They have so much faith and want so badly to follow Christ and to do God´s will. They are amazing examples of faith. That was an answer to our prayers. It just shows that God really is aware of everyone and sometimes sends us places to help people even when we don´t realize we are being led to someone to help. 

Loving life and the mission as always! Thank you for your constant words of encouragement and love! I love you and miss you tons! 


Hermana Nelson

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